Question by  elsewhen (627)

How much does it cost to get your tongue pierced?


Answer by  msbat (48)

It depends on the place you choose to get it done. Most tattoo studios offer piercing, and will give you an estimate of piercing. Alone, the piercing itself probably costs an average of 30 dollars, but the jewelry is extra and often around at least 20 dollars per piece. Including aftercare, you're looking at maybe 80 bucks.


Answer by  Anonymous

it depend where you go like if you go to a man named spits the pirate and he is drunk at the time and wants to pierce your tongue with a big-ass fishhook then it will cost you a bottle of whiskey


Answer by  MJones (24)

The cost of getting your tongue pierced will vary, based on where you get it done and what they charge. Also, it will vary based on what type of tongue ring you choose to have put it when the piercing is done. I had mine done about 5 years ago and it cost me $20.

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where did you get it done at me and my bestie wanna get ours done  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

yeah i gotta agree with the anomonys guy. watch out for those pirates


Answer by  Oktober (35)

When I got my tongue pierced almost 10 years ago it costed $28, that mostly for the barbell and the last time checked it has gone up to $48 in some of the shops in near by shops in Colorado and New Mexico.


Answer by  Anonymous

60$ where i live [piercing+jewlery]


Answer by  Anonymous

how much does it cost to get your tongue pierced

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