Question by  enu (452)

How many 4-inch by 8-inch bricks are needed to build a walk 6 feet wide and 24 feet long?


Answer by  kateg1946 (30)

If the bricks are laid like paving stones, without morter, it will take about 648 bricks. If the bricks are laid with morter, it will take about 544 bricks, assuming a morter joint of about 3/8 inch. Laying the bricks without morter is less labor initially, but will allow grass to try to grow between the bricks.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

Well, if you do the math, you need to cover about 144 square feet, so I think that you would need about 54 bricks to do the job, give or take 10 or so bricks. This is just an approximate amount, so make sure you can return the unused bricks.


Answer by  karebeer (429)

Well you would need approxiamately 648 bricks to get your job completely done! I would recommend you getting 2 dozen extra just in case some gets broken in the transport!

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