Question by  frank87 (22)

How long does it take to recover from finger surgery?


Answer by  dancingdigits (20)

It would depend upon the type of surgery that is done. If it's a broken bone that needs resetting or a boutonniere deformity that needs to be corrected by releasing a ligament, the finger would need to be immobilized. Count on 6-8 weeks plus physical therapy to recover.


Answer by  bdcooley (51)

Recovery from finger surgery will depend on the procedure that was performed. Reconstruction of a finger including reattachment of nerves, ligaments, and tendons will take longer to recover. Plus, you'll have to consider the amount of physical therapy involved in rehabilitating the area and proper wound care.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

I truly depends on what kind of surgury that you are having. Everyone heals at a different rate,so that comes into play also. On average you are looking to at least six to eight weeks before you are make to where you started. It can be alot longer,just depends on what is done.


Answer by  Melissa81 (90)

Recoveries from surgeries vary from person to person, but it also depends on what type of finger surgery you are having. It matters if it involves just the skin, or if it involves surgical repair of the bones as well.

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