Question by  JChamp (60)

How long does it take a Macintosh apple tree to mature?


Answer by  ElectronicGuy (221)

It really depends, if cared for properly not long, a year perhaps. One of the best things about plants and botany in general is the different varieties. Different plants are more resilient to certain elements than others. Pick up a good botany-book.


Answer by  alex26 (19)

For a Macintosh apple tree to completely mature it takes only about 5 years total after the tree has been planted.


Answer by  Cooolits (10)

Most fruit trees don't even grow fruit until their third year, and the first few years the fruits are weak and often fall off because the tree hasn't grown a strong-enough root system; it spends its first years of getting established. But I think it takes 5 years to reach its high level.


Answer by  mahee (720)

Trees take times to give their fruits and maximum of them takes 2 to 3 years to establishment them.Many of them gives fruits after a few years but they are immatyred,in some times it depends on care if we take a good care of a tree,after 4/5 years a Macintosh apple tree will be mature and give fruits.

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