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Question by  kasen (46)

How long does a tooth crown repair last?


Answer by  mikl (139)

This depends on the dentists skills, how careful you treat it (dont chew hard stuff like unpopped popcorn), and a fair bit of chance. 8-10 years is normal


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

The crown repair should last forever. Unless you are biting hard objects and picking at it, the tooth should be fine. If you do not maintain your oral health care with brushing and flossing then you could get another cavity on the tooth under the crown and then lose it that way.


Answer by  lucylu (33)

A crowned tooth can last twenty years. Some only five. It varies depending on the type of material used, and the care the patient takes with his or her hygiene. A gold crown for instance is stronger than porcelain. Your dentist will recommend the right material for your situation. Remember to floss!

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