Question by  Kermitsgrl (16)

How long does a cat need to be confined after spaying?


Answer by  kittylove (33)

The surgery requires your cat to be asleep, so it will act very drugged for about 24 hours after waking up. Side affects can include nausea, yowling and acting strange. Keep your cat inside and, if possible, if a comfy cat bed or box until it can move normally and without pain once the drugs wear off.


Answer by  Anonymous

We had a cat neutered and the vet said to keep him confined for 2 weeks! And my last female I had spayed the vet said that she may smell like she is in heat for up to 2 months! have a stray and can't do it that long


Answer by  jess60 (61)

For male cats, not long-- just until they stop being loopy from the medicine. Female cats may feel sore for a few days, and shouldn't play because of the stitches.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

If the cat is inside she doesn't need to be confined. Don't let her outside for at least two days, ideally keep her inside until the incision is healed.


Answer by  graycat (174)

Your kitty needs to be confined to an area where she will not jump or run around until her operation site has begun to heal (3-4 days). She needs to stay inside until her sutures are removed (8-10 days)

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