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Question by  prestonrt (24)

How do you put lowlights in blonde hair?


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

To put lowlights in blonde hair you can buy a kit especially for this or you can get one of the caps that you usually use for highlights and some brown hair dye and use that instead of bleach to low light instead of high light.


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

It depends on how blonde your hair is, but usually, a stylist uses the slender end of a comb to separate pieces from a chunk of hair. Then these chosen strands are put on pieces of foil and colored with a hair color just slightly darker than the color of blonde that your hair is already.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

To put lowlights in blonde hair, your best bet is to get it done professionally. If you can't afford that or are looking to save money, you can buy lowlighting kits in drugstores or you can make your own by getting a highlighting cap and hook and a hair dye that is darker than your hair color.


Answer by  babylove (655)

You put in lowlights the same as you would put in highlights. If your doing it at home, you just buy the color that you want for your lowlights, piece apart your hair into different strands to color the highlights, do so and then wait the amount of time to wash it out.


Answer by  Greta (233)

You do this the same way you would put highlights in, except you need to use a dye that is darker than your natural hair color. You can use a foil wrapping method, or dye that is combed into the hair in strips. It depends on the result you want.


Answer by  rilyalune (185)

Lowlights are basically the same thing as highlights but instead of being a lighter color they are a darker color than the rest of your hair. So, if you want to put in lowlights choose a darker shade of blonde and lowlight away.


Answer by  britt01 (292)

Usually stylist will foil very small pieces of hair around the face to enhance the appearance of an individual and create dept.

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