Question by  seikeinlemming (12)

How do you "pinch" succulents so they don't get leggy?


Answer by  Nessamelda (87)

Once the branch of the succulent has got as long as you want it, just neatly twist off the top two or three leaves. The advantage of taking the top inch is that with most succulents just sticking the pruning into a pot of soil and keeping damp will result in a a new plant in a month or so.


Answer by  Hilda (22)

Pinching and pruning have the same meanings. Pinch the plant above the bud where you want to halt the growth of your succulent. It might be because of the way the plant wants to spread, so you can make a cutting of the top and repot it in moist soil until it roots again.


Answer by  jenkat (5)

Simply grip a succulent plant by the leaf or stem and snap it off to send the plant in a new direction. Start a new plant with the "pinched" stem.

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