Question by  anissapatten (12)

How do you make wind chimes?

I would like my children to make a wind chime for their grandparents.


Answer by  Craftlady (26)

One way to make a wind chime is to take 4-5 small Terracotta planters and paint them any theme you like. Cut rope thick enough to just barely go through the small hole and tie a knot. Hang from a piece of copper pipe at different lengths, but close enough for the pots to hit each other in the wind.


Answer by  skwiglez (641)

You can use plastic beads and add chimes from the craft store. Tie them by string and find a small wire hoop to tie them too. They can pick out their favorite beads.


Answer by  DanielleG (219)

Depending on the kind and sound, there are may options for wind chimes. An easy one is to go to a thrift store or sort through your own silverware and string up some using a rod, hooks, and string. Dried gourds is another fun way.


Answer by  craftycat (9)

You can make wind chimes out of different materials. You can use a clay pot, invert it, and tie rope through the drain hole, then hang different lengths of metal from the rope.


Answer by  wilson57 (239)

Any items that make a pleasant sound when hit together can be used - seashells, flatware, glass rings, stemmed glassware. Use fishing line/dental floss to tie the items to a stable base (wooden coat hanger,wire frame,wooden board or dowel). Hang several of the items from the base and hang the creation from any place that allows free movement.

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