Question by  coolness2000 (16)

How do you identify the Mojave rattlesnake?


Answer by  grace0210 (31)

Mojave rattle snake is one of the most dangerous snake in the world. It can be found in Southeastern California. It has large white section on it's tail. Similar with other rattlesnakes, it's a stout bodied pit viper with a rattle on the end of it's tail. It often colored brown with greenish shade.It often hide in woodlands and deserts.


Answer by  briancordell (28)

The Mojave and Diamondback rattle snake are very similar in appearance. One way to tell the deference however, is to look at the markings running down the snakes. The Diamondback has marks running all the way down the snake. While the Mojaves marks fade the last third of the snake.


Answer by  sooz (644)

The snake has brown diamonds down its back outlined by white scales, white and black rings at the end of its tail and a light diagonal stripe behind their eyes.


Answer by  rxbandit1987 (244)

Based on it's pattern they are often confused with the Western Rattlesnake. However their greenish tinge and a diagonal light stripe behind their eyes,which does not touch the eye, gives them their distinct look. Also with 2-3 enlarged scales on the top of their head between their eyes.

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