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Question by  Tyoon (34)

How do you go about adding square roots?


Answer by  cubedbee (155)

To add square roots, the radicands(part under square root sign) of the terms have to be identical. You have to try to simply the radicands to add them. For instance, squareroot(2)+squareroot(18) simplifies to squareroot(2)+squareroot(9*2) simplifies to squareroot(2)+3*squareroot(2) = 4*squareroot(2)


Answer by  Alzebr (10)

If its the square root of definite numbers (not algebra), then the only thing you can do is find the square roots using a calculator and then add it up. There may be some neat techniques to do this if its algebra - a basic algebra book will help.


Answer by  canenguez (123)

First simplify the square root till you have a prime factorizationand the square roots with the same base you can add the square roots with different base cannot be added.


Answer by  willard (874)

Generally, there is no formula for adding square roots, other than finding the decimal values of each and adding them together. In some cases, the sum of roots can be simplified by factoring out perfect squares, i. e. root(3) + root(12) = root(3) +root(4)*root(3) = root(3) +2 *root(3) = 3*root(3).

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