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Question by  avj (23)

How do you get rid of black heads?


Answer by  DebH2010 (291)

Whichever method you choose to remove blackheads, please be gentle. Scrubbing hard or squeezing them damages the skin and can cause infection and scarring. Using a warm, wet face cloth to soften the skin oils, followed by using a "pore strip" product can help to remove existing blackheads. Keeping skin clean and moisturized can prevent future blackheads.


Answer by  Shoshanah (232)

The only real way is to clean your face well, apply a warm compress and then squeeze them out individually. Blackheads are caused by excess oil on your face so it is best to keep your face oil free so in the future you can avoid the process of individually removing them.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

About the only way would be to squeeze them very gently. If you have many, a dermatologist should remove them. You have to be very careful not to squeeze the material into your system because this can cause a staph infection. Just apply warm compresses and squeeze very gently after gently washing your face.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

The best way to get rid of black heads is to exfoliate the skin. You can find many exfoliating washes in stores that will help eliminate and prevent black heads.


Answer by  Qwitzon (578)

Benz-oil peroxide is still the recommended and time-proven leader. Lactic or salicylic acid are close runners up. Any of these ingredients can be found in many OTC products.


Answer by  macman (249)

You need to open up your pores by soaking your face with a towel soaked in warm water. Then wash your face. Do this everyday to get rid of them


Answer by  bob8985 (44)

Blackheads are basically clogged pores, You can buy an extraction tool that has a loop on each end to gently extract the blackheads out and prevent scarring.


Answer by  momof11 (105)

Blackheads on your skin are usually a result of a blocked pore. The easiest way to get rid of one is by squeezing it.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

Black heads is an awful thing to deal with. Get a good scrub for black heads, and follow the directions carefully. Make sure your face is cleaned real good. Also lay off of oily foods. Sometimes on me it makes my skin oily and that could make your skin hold onto dirt and bacteris that is in the air.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

The best way is to use a warm compress to open them and then use your fingers to pop them out.


Answer by  arthi (336)

You can use a good scrub to get rid of this externally and also patting it with hot water before scrubing. but remember to control oil intake in your diet

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