Question by  deborahc (28)

How do you create a marco that will allow the end user to input data?

I need assistance with writing a macro that will prompt for data input.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

An input box will allow you to prompt data input from the user. The information should be entered in the following format: InputBox(prompt[, title] [, default] [, xpos] [, ypos] [, helpfile, context]), where 'prompt' is the text you are entering to prompt the user (e.g., prompt:= "I am prompting you for input").


Answer by  willynel (57)

If you are not using a form, you can use the InputBox object in Visual Basic for Applications. The InputBox will stop the execution and prompt the user for information.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

With Autohotkey you can do user input windows without creating a ressource like you would have to do in vb. You just have to define the text to display. To ask for a password you can write for example InputBox, password, Passwordwindow, Enter Password here, hide. In this case the input is hidden.


Answer by  sunitadas (121)

To input data by the end user, a macro can be created suitably with the help of MS Excel Spreadsheet or MS Access.


Answer by  smiles (44)

Creating macros can be a very simple process. However, creating a macro is dependent upon the application you are using.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are wanting to create this type of macro will will need to open up excel. You will then need to copy and paste the file and then save it.

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