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Question by  ruff (34)

How do you change the starter in a Ford Windstar?


Answer by  doc325 (454)

First disconnect the battery to avoid accidental arcing. Then find the starter and remove the wiring then the mounting bolts. Then replace in reverse order.


Answer by  wickjeff (105)

To change a starter in a Ford Windstar, one must first disconnect the battery. The wiring to the starter also needs to be disconnected at this point. Finally, depending on the year and motor, you must remove the applicable retaining bolts that mount the starter. Install in reverse order


Answer by  ranakhan (164)

Starter is located on the lower front of the engine.Disconnect the battery cables.Disconnect the two wires to the starter.Remove the two bolts holding the starter onto the flywheel housing.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

Behind the engine of the Ford Windstar you will find the starter. It is located about 5 feet back from the front of the car in the center. You will need to jack the car up and remove the starter electric connector with a screwdriver and the two retaining bolts. Install the new one by bolting it back in.


Answer by  Jason80 (99)

First you will find the starter at the bellhousing where the engine meets the transmission. You will find a thick red colored wire attached to the selonoid. Remove it and the three bolts holding the starter on. Instilation is reverse.


Answer by  neielg (311)

Disengage negative terminal on the battery to free from bad shock from the starter. Raise the vehicle using jack. Locate the starter, remove the rubber cover and take off the bolt. Unscrew the two or three bolts. Remove the starter, and replace the new one.

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