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Question by  manager (7)

How do you care for anole lizards?

My son wants to get a couple as pets.


Answer by  crazyxxme (108)

-seperate containers for multiples -sterilized reptile bark big enough that it cannot fit in it's mouth -daytime you need a florescent 40 watt bulb that leaves a temperature of 75-80 degreesF -nighttime you must change it to a black light -feed them 2-3 times a day and mist the plants in their tank so they can drink the water


Answer by  LianV (183)

Anole lizards are actually quite easy to care for, they are especially good for beginners. They need a good size aquarium with a screen lid, a heat lamp, and some fake plants to climb and hide in. They eat live crickets and need a small bowl of fresh water.


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

Making sure it has a big enough cage is most important, a small one will stress it out. These lizards like things to climb on and hide in, make sure they feel comfortable in their homes. Heating, water, and the right kind of diet are also very important.

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