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Question by  micahkl (25)

Why is my Bahama Anole not eating?

My lizard is going to starve.


Answer by  janet71 (29)

The most common cause for a bahama anole not to eat is STRESS! Make sure your Anole is in the proper environment - proper heat,lighting and food.


Answer by  Teresa18 (304)

Several things may have happened. What does your anole eat - too many mealworms and your lizzard may become impacted. Did your lizzard accidently eat a piece of the cage substrate? This will also cause impaction. For these possibilities you need to get the anole to a good exotics vet. Also lizzards need lots of UVB light in day/night cycles.


Answer by  Lora88 (28)

Anoles tend to not eat if their lighting is not correct. The lighting directly affects their digestion process. If the lighting is ok, I would suggest taking him to a vet that specialises in reptiles. Also be sure that your Anole is getting enough calcium in his or her diet.


Answer by  girlygirl (58)

A Bahama Anole needs proper lighting so be sure to check and make sure they are getting the calcium they need. The lighting helps them digest food.


Answer by  Anonymous

"What do they eat? the ones I just got won't eat the crickets my other anole does. Do the bahama anole's eat something else? their tails are different from the Green anole, like a crocodile's tail. I'm preparing to put a plant in the tank to see if it works."

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