Question by  livetodream34 (19)

How do you care for a sick chihuahua?

My chihuahua has been lethargic and eating grass.


Answer by  Tknight (273)

If the chihuahua is lethargic and eating grass, it may have an upset stomach. Try soft foods, some chicken broth, and rice. If that does not work, call the vet.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Is your dog eating? Vomiting? Feverish? I'm worried about the lethargy, that's NOT a good sign. Try a spoonful of plain yogurt once a day, but I'd see a vet.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

It is possible that your dog has lyme's disease. It is also possible that he is just tired, or not being fed enough. I would take him to the vet.


Answer by  lolcat (49)

Well the best thing you can do is take him to the vet or call a special number where you can ask medical questions about dogs. You dont want to feed him the wrong meds.


Answer by  Anonymous

It will be very weak and it will not want to eat.I would give it a dog aspirin or take it to the vet.You can get the dog aspirin at wallmart for about 2 dollors they are in a big bottle.Do that and take time to give it attion.Dogs .

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