Question by  HandyDad (17)

How do you address a court summons?


Answer by  elynne (1153)

Considering the nature of the summons and the usual confusing nature of anything legal, I would address it by calling an attorney and finding out what to do with it.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

The summons has instructions on it, and a time limit for your reply. Follow those instructions DILIGENTLY, and if in doubt, call the court and have them clarify. Failing to respond to a summons can cause you money, or your home, or you can have a bench warrant for default.


Answer by  Platypus (180)

You should go to court at the date and time on the document. Failure to heed the directions of a summons will result in a bench warrant being issued for the persons arrest. Once present you may exercise your fifth amendment rights, however citizens do not have the right to simply not show up.

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