Question by  Carrie43 (24)

How do my tires keep losing air, but they're not going flat?


Answer by  Caryn85 (418)

The best way to fix tires if you don't want to replace them is to go to an auto shop and there is a foaming formula you can use.


Answer by  timerunning (805)

Your tires probably have a tiny prick in them, which causes them to lose air very slowly over a long period of time.


Answer by  Taran (716)

There might be problem in the valve of the tire ,so air mightbe leaking ver less, thats why it doesnot go flat or other reason could be load is more.


Answer by  lotion33 (48)

Tires can lose air for a number of reasons. Fluxuation of the tempeture can be one, and a othere is that there is a small leak in the tire.

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