Question by  elizabethsarines (12)

How do I replace a lost dependent military identification card?

My kid lost his military ID.


Answer by  kmoore (60)

You need to contact your local DEERS office, which is usually located at Pass and Registration, or your local base welcome center. DEERS will then cancel the lost card, making it invalid, and then issue a new one.

Reply by rlh828 (0):
I am a 87yearold spouse of deceased AF officer. Card lost. Do not live near a local base. Need help  add a comment

Answer by  guyver3869 (449)

The sponsor will have to go to the Provost Marshall Office, and fill out a form stating what happened. Once that is done, a new ID can be issued.

Reply by rlh828 (0):
Sponsor is deceased.  add a comment
Reply by rlh828 (0):
What can I do to replace the ID card  add a comment

Answer by  mahroof (33)

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