Question by  AR (53)

How do I prepare for my husband coming home from alcohol rehab?


Answer by  natalie22081 (33)

Show your pride in him. Throw a party, and ask guests to deliver speeches about why they are proud of him, and what goals they hope he achieves in life.


Answer by  jad00 (20)

Make sure there is nothing in the home that would cause him to relapse. Talk with him and give him lots of encouragement. Let him know your there for him and will do whatever it takes to help him through it.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

The best thing you can do is to stop drinking yourself. If you drink that is. Remove ALL of the alcohol from the house and look around to see if your husband has a "stash" of it anywhere. Don't hide the booze, get it far away from your home.


Answer by  harwoodkp (376)

Prepare the home. Start with removing all alcohol from the home. Next check with your friends not to have alcohol present of your husband. You just might have to avoid those who will not comply. I would then prepare a place in the home for a hobby. If he has something to do, he will not have idle moments.

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