Question by  lizzie (20)

How do I know if my betta fish is pregnant?


Answer by  11worker (86)

Look at the underside of your Betta Fish, if a white dot is present she may be ready to release eggs. You can also observe the stripes on your Betta Fish, if she has prominant vertical stripes that are white in color, she is likely fertile and ready produce eggs.

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So, she has all the signs of being fertile and ready to produce eggs. Will anything happen to her if she isn't placed in a tank with a male to mate?  add a comment

Answer by  emp (263)

Betta fish do not actually get pregnant, they are what is know as spawning fish. If you have a male and female betta together, she will lay eggs and he will fertilize them.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

The lighter part of the underside of her belly will look striped and full. She will lay eggs on top of the water, like a bubble cluster with spots.


Answer by  worker73 (61)

Betta fish can't be pregnant. They are egg layers. Males blow bubble nests when they are happy, healthy and want to mate. The possibility of having a female betta thats pregnant is an impossibility. They are egg layers and need to have a healthy balanced diet to produce eggs.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Basically Betta fish didn't pregnant. They will lay eggs. It will make vomit in the bowl and will act cranky. Because of her cravings it will offer different types of foods in midnight. It will make more rounds than normal. Her Ovipositor will be in white color like a dot.

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