Question by  deannaharr (17)

How do I help a hurt bird?

I think its wing is broken?


Answer by  dpboris (383)

You generally shouldn't try healing it on your own. Also, make sure it's not just a fledgling that's learning to fly. If you're sure it's hurt, take the bird to a safe place and call your local wildlife rehabilitation center or, failing that, a person more knowledgeable in the matter such as an avian vet or even a bird breeder.


Answer by  cmkekbif (778)

You carefully find a flat object like a dustpan to lift the bird and a box or container to place it in and call a local vet.


Answer by  unmeinohi3543 (137)

Call your local sheriff's department, they'll have a list of all the local, certified wildlife rehabilitators in your area. Birds are quite delicate and need specialized care to pull through. And if the wing is indeed broken the bird will need vet attention.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Apply a sterile bandage over a broken wing. provide regular diet of seed,bread and bugs to improve its health. Feeding excess of water will also help the bird to get rid soon.

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