Question by  brendyeah (15)

How do I care for a Pionus Parrot?

I love birds.


Answer by  Janis (12)

A commercially formulated feed mix that closely emulates their natural diet of fruits, berries, and seeds, as well as supplementing with additional fresh fruits and vegetables, should provide adequate nutrition for the Pionus parrot. Providing fresh drinking water on a daily basis is also essential.


Answer by  redhdzyahoocom (99)

They can live about 15 years. Feed pellet's are recommended instead of seed. Fresh water no chlorine. Fresh fruits and veggies daily. A cage approximately 2 feet x 3" and 3 feet tall but a flying cage is recommended. Metal grate on bottom to keep droppings away from the bird. Maybe some bird toys.


Answer by  RabbitPacker (110)

Pionus parrots make very sweet pets -- but they are above all fairly quiet and shy, so it's important to be gentle with them and not subject them to stress.


Answer by  JonasThal (20)

You can feed your it as other parrots, only make sure that its food contains a variation of vitamines and minerals (dried fruit, different seeds, corn). The bird loves showering.

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