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Question by  carol16 (12)

How do I go about converting hyperlinks to urls in Excel?


Answer by  depika3 (156)

First open the excel worksheet and then click the insert menu of the menu bar then menu options are displayed then click hyperling option in buttom of the menu icons now a time hyperling box are displayed and then give a webpage name.


Answer by  Marc44 (34)

To convert Hyperlinks into Urls in excel, you need to select the Cell containing the Hyperlink and press CTRL And the letter K in the selected Cell. You then have to Right click the cell and select EDIT HYPERLINK to change the text or hyperlink to a certain URL you desired before.


Answer by  neeravvyas (84)

Fisr of all right click on the cell showing hyperlink and select Edit Hyperlink, then Change the Text to display to the same as the URL you want to show that's it.


Answer by  hamsa (133)

Select the cell and Right Click. Click on Hyperlink and then on Edit Hyperlink. Change the "Text to display" to the same as the URL. To make a URL as the hyperlink text, you can type the URL directly in the cell, as long as you begin the address with http://


Answer by  soundarskpincom (30)

Enter the Link you want to convert the the URL in the cell and right click on the cell and edit Hyperlink. There you enter the link in Address tab.


Answer by  srikirthiga (35)

Its very easy. You can do in three steps. Step 1: Open the Excel file. Step 2: Go to the cell where hyperlink appears select the cell then right click on the cell. Step 3: Edit hyperlink change the text to display to the same as th URL. Go back to the cell now hyperlink gets converted to URL.

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