Question by  tish (17)

How do I force a carriage return within a cell in Excel?

When I hit enter, I just get taken to the next cell. And, when I hit shift-enter, I just get taken to the next cell.)


Answer by  Anonymous

'Alt' + 'Enter'

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note: on a mac keyboard, you have to hit Control + Option to get to the Alt key. Basically, hit ctrl+option+enter  add a comment

Answer by  leonia (103)

Make sure that you have the (wrap text) option selected for that cell under format. Then hold down the "ALT" key and then hit Enter. Doing this should cause you to go to the next line in that cell.


Answer by  matty180 (6)

Hold down the alt key and then press the enter key. This will allow you to write an extra line of text inside the same cell as is currently being used. This can be done as many times as required. When you are done, simply press the enter key to continue.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Shift is not the right key to do that. With control and enter you will reach want you want in Excel/Calc.


Answer by  Mellie (64)

In order to have more than one line of text within a single cell of an Excel spreadsheet, do the following: 1. ) Either single click within the cell or within the formula bar at the point you want to start a new line. 2. ) Simultaneously press the "alt" and "enter" keys.


Answer by  Karthon (403)

To force a carriage return, you must have the input text area selected (the area to the top, there should be a blinking cursor in there), and only then do you hit shift-enter (holding down shift while you tap enter).


Answer by  eliendor (89)

The correct key combination is Alt-enter. There is no other way to do this, and as you can see is very easy. It is and standard in all Excel versions.


Answer by  Anonymous

Please note this only works if you are using Windows. Mac users need to press command+option+enter.


Answer by  Anonymous

This works perfectly. I search in Excel Help never to find the answer. Go Google search!

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