Question by  destini (2)

How do I find out what kind of turtle is outside my house?

I found a turtle outside. I want to know what kind it is.


Answer by  maherjd (7)

Google for "Encyclopedia Of Life." On that site, search for "turtles." There are photos and full info available for 112 varieties.


Answer by  xraw (29)

Hopefully, the turtle remains in its own habitat and has not been brought inside. Using memory, the internet has many options for finding pictures of various kinds of turtles, and the phrase "Types of turtles" might be the optimal for searching. If it's a snapping turtle, it's best to be careful.


Answer by  naputnam (454)

It is probably a box turtle. Without knowing your geographic location it is hard to say. Google your state and box turtle to try to find out what it is.


Answer by  destini (2)

i found a turtle outside and i want to know what of kind of turtle is it? it has a tan shell n orange spots on his legs

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