Question by  deepak (29)

How can I use eye makeup to bring out my eyes?


Answer by  divasinharmony (35)

Try a color eyeshadow that contrasts with your eye color. IE: Blue eyes pop will golds, brown eyes with violets or evergreens. If you are shy when it comes to color, ease into it with a subtly colored eyeliner. Always curl your lashes and apply black mascara for dynamite eyes.


Answer by  Kim54 (53)

Outline your eyes with a liner pencil this always gives definition to the shape of the eyes. Use color wisely depending on the hair and eye color; blond hair and blue eyes can benefit from earth tone colors, green eyes are enhanced with pastel lavenders or lilacs. Blue shadows are out unless unless you have dark hair or dark skin.


Answer by  Anonymous

wat eye shadow brings out my brown eyes


Answer by  AmandaVogel (19)

Using a jet black mascara is very important for creating a more dramatic look. On a fresh face, or paired with eye shadow, mascara is key.


Answer by  anil (62)

First use the light colored eye liner and also use it on inner and outer corners of your eyes with white colored eye liner. This technique will show you that your eyes are brighter and wider.


Answer by  TejasWoman (300)

Pick a flattering color of eye shadow for your eyes. Usually, more subtle colors are best. You should pick at least two colors, a darker one for the lid, and a lighter shade of same color for just under the brow. Apply lightly, blend colors together where they meet. Then a touch of mascara to the lashes.

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