Question by  lulu51 (25)

How can I tell the difference between coyote and fox?

They look teh same to me.


Answer by  atomicskr (71)

Coyotes are generally larger that foxes. They approximately 2 feet tall at the shoulders and 3-4 feet long. Foxes are generally 13-15 inches at the shoulder but can be similar to coyotes in length.


Answer by  oldmom (716)

A coyote looks like and moves like a dog, foxes are smaller, longer, and move in a more catlike manner.


Answer by  ant (12)

A coyote runs with its tail down and a fox runs with its tail out behind it. Coyotes are usually larger than foxes and generally travel in packs where foxes travel by themselves.


Answer by  Anonymous

coyotes hunt in groups while foxes hint alone .Also coyotes have very sharp ears.


Answer by  Tabatha (440)

The coyote is taller and bigger than a fox. Coyotes resemble canines and they are about as big as a medium-sized dog. Coyotes have longer and skinnier legs and their fur is usually darker and longer than the fur of a fox. The face of a coyote is longer. The fox looks to be a more 'pleasant' animal.


Answer by  Cypress (166)

A coyote is taller and larger than a fox and has longer legs. A fox has a smaller body and a much thicker tail.

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