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Question by  vishnu2830 (20)

How can I bring a dog into heat?

Is this possible?


Answer by  jonali (62)

Female dogs normally come into heat twice a year. If a person wants to speed up the process, they can contact their veterinarian and ask about a prescription drug which can be used to bring their dog into season.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

There are some thoughts about using hormones to bring a dog into heat, but it's really not something I would suggest.


Answer by  wantabemedic (345)

Yes, it is possible. It is a know fact that dogs that live together usually go into heat at the same time or shortly after. So, by exposing the female dog to another female for a period of time, that is in heat, could encourage the dog to come into heat.


Answer by  Ashley68 (404)

This is possible with the use of certain drugs. Many times artificial insemination is used to bring your dog into heat. However, many times this process is not praised, especially since dogs do have a normal routine of when their bodies are prepared to go into heat. You may just want to wait.

posted by Anonymous
Artificial insemination to bring a dog into heat is ridiculous! That's how you put semen into a dog that is already in heat. Please don't pass on such wrong information.  add a comment
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