Question by  Podnik (119)

How big can red-eared sliders get?


Answer by  tortillachips (17)

These North American turtles, that are known as Red-Eared Terrapins in the United Kingdom, can grow anywhere between 25 to 30 centimeters for the female and a smaller 20 to 25 centimeters for the male.


Answer by  Dragon7 (150)

A really big female red-eared slider can have a carapace (A carapace is the top of the shell) length of almost a foot. Males are a little smaller at around ten inches. Those are the upper ends of the growth spectrum for the species though. All red-eared sliders sold in the United States must be over four inches.


Answer by  LenaRenneker (210)

Red eyed slider turtles can grow to 12 inches long. Be aware of this when you buy them as tiny babies.

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