Question by  manny (185)

Does the NVIDIA GeForce 9100 support dual monitors?


Answer by  JWestergard (14)

Yes, the 9100 Graphics Card does have multiple monitor support. To allow multiple monitors to work properly you must configure all settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. Which is provided with the purchase of a GeForce Graphics card. To properly set up multiple monitors you must open up the Control panel and select "Setup Multiple Displays"


Answer by  wrestler88 (192)



Answer by  Rawr (15)

As luck would have it, yes, yes it does. As most of NVIDIA products do. Have fun with whatever you have in store.


Answer by  BBBrian (282)

It depends if it has two slots on the card. Most modern cards support dual monitors, but some manufacturers may limit the slots on the card.


Answer by  baseballfury (20)

if the 9100 has an integrated Graphics Processing Unit then it is unlikely that it will support dual monitors, sorry.

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