Question by  shalini (79)

Does ParaGard cause pelvic inflammatory disease?


Answer by  tara10 (6)

Not directly. There is a slight increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease with an IUD, but only if you get a sexually transmitted infection. That can turn into PID.


Answer by  lylo (129)

PID can be a complication of ParaGard as with any IUD. Pelvic inflammatory disease is an extremely painful condition that can arise from the use of any number of devices.


Answer by  spicykissa (201)

Intrauterine devices like Paraguard may be a contributing factor in pelvic inflammatory for some women. Many older IUD's in the United States (ilke the Dalkon Shield) were badly designed and commonly caused problems like PID in the 1970's, but today's models are much safer. Talk to your doctor about your specific situation.


Answer by  Snook (69)

There is no evidence to support this, however people with pelvic inflammatory disease should not use ParaGard as it may worsen your condition. It has been used safely for nearly 20 years by millions of women.


Answer by  krishna54 (212)

pelvic inflamatory diseases after paraguard inplantation is very rare and if such symptoms arises it will be in the first 20 days otherwise it will be sexually transmitted ,so,copper T is one of the best methods for family planning.


Answer by  Ladymix23 (0)

Most people contract pid wiTh out std and IUD is one of the reasons why PID develops. Because the string on it gathers bacteria that can go through the cervix to your uterus and reproductive parts.

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