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Question by  welch1 (14)

Does California's Medi-Cal cover gastric bypass surgery?


Answer by  mlssadwn (13)

I have Medi Cal and was approved for LapBand, Gastric Bypass and VSG :D ur primary care dr needs to write a referral an u must find a WLS in ur area that accepts MediCal patients. BMI of 40+ was all they asked for as well.


Answer by  mlssadwn (13)

Also Advanced Surgical Associates in San Jose is the Dr I use and they are wonderful :D two month total process (blood work, psych eval, paperwork....)and was approved by MediCal in 4 days

Reply by rebekahb14 (0):
I got everything done last month (April 2012) and also got a good referal from my diabetic doctor, so do you thank that mediCal will approve soon. I had a stroke a few years back and i have high blood pressure and high cholestorel  add a comment

Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Medi-cal does not, and won't pay the surgeon who performs it- however it is becoming accepted that if morbid obesity is causing serious health issues, and gastric bypass will address this, you may be able to argue for coverage. You need to have your doctor advocate that this is not a cosmetic procedure, but a life-saving one.


Answer by  informant31 (510)

Yes,but not in all cases. Your primary doctor must first write a referral to a bariatric surgeon. You must be morbidly obese and prove other weight loss programs have failed.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Medi-Cal does not normally cover, but if your doctor can act as an advocate and prove that the procedure is not cosmetic but life-saving the insurance may cover.


Answer by  guy (107)

California's Medi-Cal does not cover gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately they will not provide coverage for that type of surgery as of yet.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes med i cal does pay for gastric by pass in ca bt u have 2 jump through hoops and have certain medical problems ask doctor help u/or medical


Answer by  rebekahb14 (0)

Hey anyone know exactly how long it takes to get MediCal to approve for surgery after you did all the requirements that they want you to do. Please share information that you might have

posted by Anonymous
i did all the requirements and my dr mailed my paperwork on October 5th 2012 and I
havent heard from my dr yet, I am going to call them on Monday November 3rd, but I was told by other people that it can take up to 6 weeks for approval  add a comment
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