Question by  chandrasviewgmailcom (59)

Does alcohol water evaporate faster?

What other substance evaporates quickly?


Answer by  apsaras (408)

Alcohol water does evaporate faster as it has a lower boiling point than pure water (100 degrees Celsius). Liquids with low boiling points, such as acetone, chloroform, hexane, ether and gasoline are all volatile and will evaporate quickly at room temperature.


Answer by  brooklyne (46)

Alcohol evaporates faster than water because of the higher vapor pressure of alcohols. Acetone (nail polish), aldehydes (perfume), ether, etc. all evaporate more quickly than water.


Answer by  Laila64 (151)

Alcohol evaporate faster than water. Spirit,petrol,diesel,ethanol,methanol,LPG... are the other substances evaporate quickly and acetone,gasoline,liquefied carbon dioxide... are the other liquids evaporate much faster.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Yes it does evaporate faster and so does methyl Alcohol and rubbing alcohol. Any Alcoholic substance will evaporate faster than water.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes it does because an alcohol's molecules aren't very attracted to each other.

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