Question by  Greg2382 (4)

Does a Newfoundland dog make a good pet for children?


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Newfies are known for being calm, gentle and good-natured. They're very trainable, but males can be stubborn. They drool and they're heavy shedders, and like all large breeds, their life span is relatively short. If you can handle the breed's downsides, you can't ask for a much better childhood companion.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Not really. These dogs get HUGE. It's like having a Shetland Pony in your house. They can be really hyper at times too. Often times the dog will run your children right over without even thinking about it. Plus they lick a lot and steal your food off the cupboard.


Answer by  simba (187)

The Newfoundland dog is a gentle giant. He is an excellent playmate for children as well as a watchful guardian, known to jump into water to save a life.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

It might depend on the size of your kids. A Newfoundland is usually a pretty good size dog even for a grown up. They are mostly a nice dog in nature but they tend to get rowdy and could knock a child down. You shouldn't have any biting problems though.


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

A Newfoundland dog is one of the best breeds around small children. They are like an overgrown teddy bear and are very gentle. They are also very protective and make good watch dogs.


Answer by  decomom (923)

Newfoundland dogs (or Newfies as they are sometimes called) make excellent family pets. They are gentle and loyal with children. They are however very large dogs so socialization and training are very important. Also, because of their size they may occasionally knock a small child over but it is highly unlikely to hurt the child.

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