Question by  CherieMassoud (48)

Do skunks eat chickens?


Answer by  DactyL (326)

Skunks are known to eat chickens, but they are more likely to eat the eggs. However, during the course of obtaining chicken eggs, the skunk may decapitate one or two chickens, and drink the blood. This is a documented fact. Skunks are mostly night time hunters, so a good outdoor dog would be your best detterent.

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We have discovered more than one decapitated chickens, along with egg shells. Since their spray lingered, we were able determine it was a skunk & not an opossum.  add a comment

Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

No, skunks are scavengers and would not be able to kill a chicken. They may however, eat a chicken that is already dead, but they would not be responsible for killing the chicken. Skunks eat about anything and mostly hang around areas filled with waste or garbage. If you own chickens, they are safe from skunks.

Reply by txdoorman65 (1):
Skunks DO kill chickens. They are less likely to kill larger adult birds but they will kill brooders for their blood. They also kill chick and eat them elsewhere. Skunks are carnivorous but are likely to go for the easy food such as garbage and leftover dog and cat food.  add a comment
Reply by lilgoodman63 (1):
I'm so glad someone knows what they're talking about. Skunks get a bad name for killing chickens. I've caught and killed over 30 raccoons. NEVER a skunk.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
I disagree just had 1 skunk get in our coop and killed 35 ,10 week old pullets,they had roost but weren't using them obviously!  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
I currently have a skunk that has eaten 10 call ducks and 3 chickens...tonight is the night for his demise  add a comment
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