Question by  Kryss1 (19)

Do rabbits burrow in the ground?


Answer by  kayb (11)

Wild rabbits or cottontails don't burrow underground but they do dig small depressions to nest in. Those are usually found under shrubs or in brush. Domestic rabbits are a different species. They are related to the wild rabbits in Europe. Those rabbits do dig underground tunnels, also known as warrens, if they have the opportunity.


Answer by  smrtckie (47)

Wild rabbits do burrow in the ground, but it's most often in shallow burrows close to the surface. Some even make burrows out of leaves and brush.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

Rabbits live in burrows that are mostly underground. Some burrows can be above ground that have been made out of debris or gathered items that nature left behind. Rabbits live in groups and usually there is more than one burrow.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

Most rabbits live in burrows and holes in the ground. There are non-burrowing rabbits also. Hares live in nests above the ground. A rabbit burrow is called a warron. Warrens are permanent burrows where burrows are temporary. The nest is called forms which are in dense and thick forests with a protective covering.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

Oh yes. Rabbits in the wild dig long complex tunnels for the entire group to live in. Rabbits like the feeling of being burrowed in the ground, so that's why the best rabbit hutches have a dark spot where the rabbit can be alone.

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