Question by  Amy21 (460)

Do black widow spiders live in groups?


Answer by  malone (4817)

Black widows don't live in groups. The conditions in a particular environment may be more inviting for them than another, so you might see more than one in the same area.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Black widow spiders are solitary spiders except for their mating season. Sometimes the female kills the male after they mate, therefore, the name.. black widow.


Answer by  buglady (22)

No, black widow spiders are a solitary spider. They will eat any other spiders as well as other black widows that present themselves as a source of food.


Answer by  rppetty1 (0)

The only time I've seen them in a group was when they where breaking out of thier cacoon. I worked with the telephone compay and we came across them all the time in the sub-boxes we worked in. Knowing they did not like the light helped alot.

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