Question by  rmahoney1097 (98)

Do birds get constipated?

What do they do about it?


Answer by  XBabycakes27 (39)

Yes, birds can get constipated too. To help, you should feed it any kind of green food like lettuce or an apple. Freshly grated carrots can also help to do the trick. Some causes can be overeating or dehydration. If it doesn't improve you should bring it to the vet to get it professionally checked for more serious problems.


Answer by  Podnik (119)

A bird can become constipated. If you feel that you pet is having troubles with a bowel movement take them to the vet ASAP, bird could be egg bearing.


Answer by  princess88 (166)

Birds do not get constipated in the same way that humans do. Failure to poop indicates a failure to eat or drink. Make sure that his water is fresh and accessible to him, and make sure that his food is fresh and palatable.


Answer by  PaintedRoadkill (504)

Birds do indeed at times have trouble pooping. Usually this is because of diet or internal parasites. If they can they might eat different things or even supplement their diet with material that helps in digestion or removal of said parasites.


Answer by  seshanranjhan (87)

In rare cases birds will have constipation. This is due to stomach worms. Giving any fruits especially apple and greens, finely chopped carrot with sugar will be the treatment.

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