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Question by  onecrore (196)

Can you store roasted vegetables in the refrigerator?

I am planning on baking up a huge batch... will the leftovers be OK when reheated after being stored in the fridge?


Answer by  mangosteen (272)

I love oven roasted veggies! Yes, they work spectacularly out of the refrigerator. If you are using a microwave to reheat them, make sure you don't overcook them.


Answer by  Shreyansh (236)

Yes definitely you can store roasted vegetables in refrigerator for that u will have to reduce the temperature of the leftover cooked food & then store it in airtight containers.


Answer by  thangam (95)

Yes we can keep the roasted foods in the refrigerator for the future, but we had to keep that product in the room atmosphere for sometime before reheating.


Answer by  philosophy (243)

Yes, I do it all the time... I make huge batches using one or two of my largest baking dishes. I usually make 6 to 8 servings at a time, and I eat huge servings!


Answer by  Cubberley (69)

Yes, roasted vegetables store very well... you should probably use them within a week.


Answer by  omI (2)

yes you can store the roasted vegetables in refrigerater. its a time saving habbit... i also do this so i will save mine time too. you can cook the food and save it in the refrigerator but not more than a week.. after a week there is no taste in the food and thats bad for health as well.

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