Question by  catewheeler (289)

Can you paint on plastic flower pots?

I want to do a craft project with my Brownie troop.


Answer by  YarnGirl (333)

Absolutely! Just make sure that the paint you use is compatible with plastic. Acrylic paints should work fine. There are also special paints that form a more permanant bond with the plastic so that they don't wash off.


Answer by  pippy (115)

You can paint plastic flower pots. Wash the pots with soap and let dry. Paint on acrylic primer. Allow to dry, sketch pencil designs, then paint in with acrylic paint.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

If these are going to the parents, I would use a terra cotta pot. They can paint with craft paint, stickers and glaze with Mod Podge. This will seal the design and they came out great. Plastic is okay to but they don't last long.


Answer by  skwiglez (641)

Yes. I would use an acrylic paint in order for it to be permanent. I would then put a poly glaze over it to protect it from moisture. Good Idea.

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