Question by  slevesquemuthotmailcom (27)

Can you kick a volleyball?


Answer by  psufootball (72)

A better question would be "SHOULD you kick a volleyball?". Of course you can kick it, for it is indeed physically possible. However, it is not recommended that you do because it's not what it was made for. Recommend you buy a soccer ball instead.


Answer by  rocky1717 (43)

Although it is designed for contact with the upper body (bumping with the forearms, setting with the hands and spiking with the palms), a volleyball is quite suitable for kicking with the feet. It has a durable coated leather outer surface and will be sturdy enough when inflated to full capacity with air.


Answer by  jjp57 (74)

Let's not confuse volleyball with soccer. Soccer players are not allowed to use their hand with one exception - the goalie. The rule in volleyball is simple - only hands are allowed. Note that in volleyball the player may not hold the ball, otherwise his/her side will be called out.


Answer by  syllabus69 (114)

Yes you can. If you are in a volleyball game you can use anything to get the ball over the net. However rules at different levels determine if it is legal or not


Answer by  Hurriicane22 (44)

Yes you can. They fly very far and actually are a lot of fun to kick around with your friends. However the wind may carry them if outdoors. You should try in a gym.


Answer by  Robs4thecubs (422)

Yes you can kick a volleyball. A volleyball is made of very strong material, even though it is very soft. This means it can still with stand the stress of being punted or kicked.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

You cannot kick a volleyball intentionally, however if the ball makes contact with your foot accidentally, that is allowed along with any other part of your body.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well, you can kick a volleyball if you are not playing a game. It is not that good for the ball though, and you have to be careful with it. If it is an accident though, I believe it is OK.

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