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Question by  MomOf4 (97)

Can you give me instructions on how to build a parakeet nesting box?


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

You need some 2x10 pieces of hardwood and screws, a measuring tape and a cutting implement and a drill. Make the nesting box just large enough for the bird to turn around in. four sides a top and bottom. cut a small hole the bird can get into and mount.


Answer by  iwanariot13 (25)

You will need a wide, rectangular box , 12'long, 6'tall, and 6-9'wide. A hole is also needed for ONLY the birds to enter and exit easily.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Get you some wood and build a rectangle box with a hole in one side so that the bird can get in and out of the box. Place some straw in it, along with water and food.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Gather 6 peices of wood roughly the same size. Drill a hole in the front of one of the peices of wood. Glue the peices of wood together with one on each side, a top and a bottom. Make sure to also drill vent holes.

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