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Question by  larry28 (4)

Can Karo Syrup cause constipation or does it cure it?


Answer by  ameen (78)

Karo syrup is used for constipaton. It causes osmotic action in the colon. It's most commonly used in children and babies, also safe for adults. It contains bacteria spores called clostridium botulinum. Karo syrup is usually discouraged in babies.Below 3 years old it may cause diarrhea resulting in electrolyte loss.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

At one time Karo Syrup was doctor recommended to be mixed in a baby's formula bottle if the baby was constipated. It ought to help adult constipation.


Answer by  Kristin97 (149)

Karo syrup was once a remedy for curing constipation in children. However, it is unlikely to be an effective remedy. Instead, try apple juice or pureed prunes.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

There is no cure for constipation, but Karo Syrup is used to drain. Karo Syrup will help you pass whatever needs to be passed. Be careful not to overdose on the syrup, you could kill yourself or severely injure yourself. If your constipation is bad, go to a hospital for help.

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