Question by  quietgg (292)

How much Karo syrup can I put in my 4-month-old bottle?


Answer by  kgrim (510)

It is not really advised to put Karo syrup in a baby bottle. If your child is constipated try "apple-prune" juice in the baby food section or dilute regular prune juice maybe ounce for ounce.


Answer by  SandyG (807)

None. Formula is sweet enough. Karo contains corn syrup, which is not good for babies. It just adds more sugar to their diet.


Answer by  stressedone (166)

The use of Karo syrup for infant constipation is very effective. Yhe amount is the same no matter of the age of the child. It is two teaspoons for any size bottle of formula. Never use karo in water bottles, It is only used in formula bottles. This can be trpeated until results occur.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

This is not wise. If the child is too young for solid food, they are too young for Karo syrup. And the syrup is sugar and bad for the teeth.


Answer by  Israel48 (70)

this is an old habit, and not a very good one. You want to leave sugar out of a child's diet for as long as you can unless it is natural sugar, that which is found in fruits. Otherwise you will cause habits that can lead to health problems.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You should never put anything in your infants bottle without first consulting with your doctor. The amounts will vary depending on your childs weight.

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