Question by  worker4974 (10)

Can I use Mederma on my second-degree burns?


Answer by  annie52foof (1459)

I would not use Mederma on any wound until they are totally healed. Mederma is used to lessen the appearance of scars.


Answer by  cassiopoeia (54)

Yes, however wait until the wound is no longer "wet." Then use bacitracin/Neosporin for a few days, THEN use some Mederma mixed with Vitamin E oil.


Answer by  mjt30 (57)

If the burns have not healed, no. Mederma is mostly used as a scar reducer and will do little, if anything, to help second-degree burns heal. If the burns have healed you might use it to reduce their appearance.


Answer by  leah84 (1043)

If it is a healed burn and is now just a scar, there should not be any reason you could not use Mederma. You do not want to use Mederma if the burn is not healed because Mederma is not made to make burns heal. It is made to fade already healed scars.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

Mederma can be used safely for your second degree burns. Apply it twice daily and slowly all your scars will also fade away.

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