Question by  jennifern2213 (68)

Can I give a cockatiel a sedative?


Answer by  michael26 (38)

Never administer sedatives to a cockatiel or any other type of bird, because they can die from it. If your bird needs to be calmed down, make sure the environment of the room is tolerable. Birds are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. If you are traveling with the bird, make sure it is strapped in tightly.


Answer by  trynzh (72)

A mild sedative will do for a cockatiel, especially if you are going to travel, it is best if you ask your Vet to do if for you.


Answer by  karilynn1031 (35)

What is the purpose of the sedative? I would ask the vet before giving anything. It is easy to overdose a small animal.


Answer by  Eddie87 (129)

Sedatives which help in the aid of sleeping restrict GABA but it is unkown if they can be used on birds or needed


Answer by  elden (116)

I'm sure there are ways to sedate a cockatiel. Most certainly do NOT give the bird a human pill. They would be way too strong. Contact your local veteranarian and they will be able to prescribe something. There is no safe way to do it yourself without the vets help.


Answer by  Cheerio (81)

What is the sedative for? Was this sedative prescribed by an Avian Vet? I would not recommend doing this unless it has been prescribed by an Avian Vet.

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