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Question by  Franca (15)

Can a brown anole take antibiotics?


Answer by  thisismy (15)

Of course a brown anole can take antibiotics! In fact, it is very important. However, you must be sure to give them the right dose, they are very small. Just a little can be an overdose. Make sure to contact your vet about everything if you unsure in the slightest bit.


Answer by  Audrey86 (261)

The answer is yes, but you must take care to give the right dosage since they are so small. In this case, you should probably contact a veterinarian that deals with reptiles.


Answer by  jm1982 (57)

There are several very mild antibiotic ointments that can be used on a brown anole to treat a small cut or scrape such as bacitracin. Any oral antibiotics I do no think would not be safe for the animal.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

Yes, they are safe for anoles. However, they are a very small animal and care should be taken to give the right dose. Contact a reptile vet for advice.

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