Question by  tsuerob (175)

Are there any reptiles that do not need heat lamps?

I would like a reptile.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

No, all reptiles are cold blooded and the only way they can regulate their temperature in captivity is through a heat lamp.


Answer by  richard91 (107)

First of, you need to understand the fact that reptiles are cold blooded animals, which means that they need heat in order for their metabolism to work. Reptiles as a class of animal is defined by this fact, so any reptile depends on the enviroment to gain heat. Therefore a lamp is necessary, for the heat and UV radiation.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

While most reptiles require supplemental heating, there are some that don't. Crested geckos (R. ciliatus) are a great example of a reptiles that do well at room temperature.


Answer by  Bugmann (130)

Yes. Some cool weather mountain snakes such as Elaphe porphyracea, Elaphe porphyracea coxi, and Elaphe porphyracea vaillanti do not and should not have a heat lamp. They must be kept cooler, in temperatures of 45-75F, and never above 85F. My porphyracea have great energy and eat regularly all the way down to 45F.

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